Fast, powerful
and entirely new

The groundbreaking rating platform at the core of the DRC technology ecosystem. RS X technology offers the fastest, most accurate and cost-effective path to transform insurance products from concept to production.

With RS X, you can …

Use Excel workbooks to model rating calculations, specify underwriting rules and define form logic. Workbooks convert automatically into web services
Create web services from Excel workbooks that eliminate a level of coding and the potential for operator error inherent in traditional “code and load” or GUI-based rule builders
Protect customer rating algorithms, proprietary underwriting rules and predictive models through a version-controlled, secure check-in/ check-out console
Manage version control across multiple distribution channels and policy administration platforms in one central repository featuring fully configurable role-based security

The new RS X Rating Platform raises the bar for what’s possible in rating and new program rollout. Business users—not programmers—work in Excel to model, design and configure new products. There’s no need to build new databases or work with a programming team. RS X automates previously manual processes so you can quote and write more business faster.

Technical Highlights

The RS X Rating Platform creates web services based upon Excel workbooks, eliminating unnecessary steps.

Support for JSON and XML over HTTP (SOAP)

Microservices architecture scales horizontally
to meet any load

Easy to integrate and extend the rating platform’s API endpoints

Increased throughput speed by computing cell values once even if referred to multiple times

Written in Go, a modern, efficient and concurrent programming language, developed by Google

Modest CPU and RAM footprint

Excel modeled ratings accessible to any calling application as a web service

Configurable memory management

RS X Analyzer

Expedite workflow with RS X Analyzer with no restrictions on the kinds, variations or amounts of data.

Model programs to analyze rate impact against in-force policy book

Compare rating models with competitive programs